Embracing social responsibility

There is an element of juggling to project management, but for JLL’s Candice Hanson, the balancing act doesn’t stop with the work day. When she isn’t shifting between her duties as mother and Associate Project Manager for JLL’s Southern California region, Hanson serves as a Social Responsibility Ambassador.

The role helps connect local market charity work, opportunities and firm-wide corporate social responsibility initiatives. For Hanson, it’s an opportunity to bring balance to her work and life.

“We develop local charity drives and volunteer opportunities for the team,” Hanson said. “We organize all types of events, and typically, people are already asking when are we going to do it again. I love that, and it means so much that JLL gives me that platform to do what I love and share it with other people.”

We sat down with Hanson to discuss her role, passion and how JLL helps her achieve her philanthropy ambitions.

Q: What’s your role at JLL?

A: I came on a client account about a year and a half ago with our Project and Development Services group, but specifically on the new Retail Strategy Program team for the (U.S.) west region. It’s a great team to be on. I manage close-outs and process invoices, deal with vendors and assist my team of project managers.

Q: What does “Achieve Ambitions” mean to you?

A: I just think, I can go anywhere with this company. The sky is the limit. You can balance your career and your life. That means JLL makes it possible for me to bring my passion for philanthropy to others, which I hope can eventually grow into something more with JLL on a global level. I really think our brand promise is inspiring, and I’m glad it’s on my screensaver to remind me every day.

Q: Can you tell us more about your philanthropy work?

A: I’ve been really involved with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation since I was very little. I was probably 13 when I developed my passion for philanthropy. I have a cousin who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, and because I was young, I didn’t understand why people weren’t asking, “how can we find a cure?” I just started getting involved there and realized how much I loved it. I also participate in the planning of a lot of local events with my family—walkathons, charity drives, things of that nature. JLL definitely gives me that platform to do what I love and share it with other people.

Q: How does JLL help you share your passion?

A: I volunteer my time as one of the (JLL) Social Responsibility Ambassadors. We develop local charity drives and volunteer opportunities for our team. That means a lot of different things. Last year, I took over distribution of our Total Wellness Newsletter, which covers our west region. I get to cover the amazing things our team is participating in, like annual school supply drives, 5-K fundraisers and more. JLL does things like this all over the globe, so I’m actually in the process of proposing an affinity group, almost like an employee network group, for corporate social responsibility. I continually run into other people who want to make a difference in their communities, so my hope is to connect what we do in Southern California with a larger initiative.

Q: It would be safe to say, you’re busy. As a working parent, what do you think is the most important thing to achieve balance between your work, life and passions?

A: I think it’s having a company that understands. JLL gets it. They think, “we need to be flexible so our employees can be present with their families and enjoy work but not feel torn.” If I need to say, “my son’s having an event at school,” I don’t feel guilty for asking my manager if we can work it out. I think that’s the hardest part in today’s world—feeling guilty as a parent and as a successful person with career ambitions. You just feel like you have to have one or the other. But (our firm) allows you to have both.

Q: How important is inclusion to your company or job?

A: JLL has a very diverse culture. It’s important to me as an employee, and even more important as a parent. JLL brings us and our passions together, and that’s really a great opportunity for anyone. I’m so grateful.

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